Your home is an extension of your personality. Its interior should be as unique as you are. Here are some useful tips on home decorating St. Louis MO design professionals have to share with you.

1.    Start at the door

You really want to set the tone from the very beginning. Choosing a great front door color can help do that. If you have a screen door, consider swapping it out for a sleeker, glass door. It provides all the same protections, but let’s the beauty of your front door to really shine through.

2.    Sofa should talk to the chairs

Place your living room furniture in a U or H shape. All your seating should be arranged so they can see each other. This will encourage conversation and make people feel like they are actually spending time together.

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3.    Open up the windows

Get rid of the heavy, dark drapery. Natural light creates a warm and welcoming ambience. If you’re insistent on keeping the heavy curtains, at least open them during the day.

4.    Have a mirror

Nothing creates the illusion of space better than a mirror. They also help the room feel brighter because they reflect the light.

5.    Anchor your rug

All of the furniture that has legs should fit onto an area rug. This includes seats, sofas, and coffee tables. Let the rug define the seating area. If the rug is too small, it could throw off the scale of the room and awkward.

6.    De-clutter

Getting rid of your beloved knickknacks can be difficult. It’s easy to get attached to things, especially when they have sentimental value. Take a discerning look at your shelf items and go through them. Get rid of anything that you know you live without. Having more open shelf space is more pleasing to the eyes.